Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Big Hearts at the House of Hearts

This year, the blog sponsored a team in the annual House of Hearts charity bonspiel and we were lucky enough to get teamed up with an awesome skip from Canada, Jill Mouzar. She was gracious enough to recap her weekend for a guest post, including lamp shade wearing shenanigans!
Now that it’s all said and done, what an awesome weekend of generosity and curling!

Not only was it my first time in Duluth MN, it was my first time ever curling in the USA! The people at the House of Hearts were amazing, whether they were volunteering, curling or even bartending!

The first night was filled with skips reuniting from past years; meanwhile I was excited to meet all of the great curlers that were attending the event! I’d never met Hammy McMullen, Rick Lang or Al Hackner before those guys are curling legends, how awesome is that! Soon enough everyone got matched up with his or her teammates for the weekend. Team Mouzar/NoHo Curling consisted of myself, Perry (from Ohio) and another Jill… our lead opted not to play for the weekend (not sure why) but we had fun with just the three of us and one of the volunteers jumped in to fill the empty spot for us, cause that’s the kind of people that live in Duluth! 
Like I’ve already said, the people, great, the curling, super fun, the cause, raised a ton of cash but for me one of the things I loved the most…. Banging on the glass when people made wicked shots! Everyone pounded the glass so hard that I saw drinks fall off of the ledge beside the glass. I’ve NEVER seen people hitting the glass in any tournament I’ve ever played in, I’ve actually only seen people get in trouble for doing it!!! Yup, that was pretty sweet!

Being the stellar team that we were (joke) we found ourselves at 0-3 on Saturday afternoon, leaving us in the D-ranger event! The way this works is very interesting. If you’re on sheet 1 you aim for the house on sheet 2. In the next end you play a ‘short game’ from the house on sheet 2 to the house beside you on sheet 1, very odd but such a laugh. We managed to get our asses kicked leaving us in dead last out of every team. Guess what the lucky losers got to do…. Wear beautifully decorated lampshades on our head during the closing event. Don’t worry we rocked them!
In a nutshell that pretty much sums up the high and low lights of my wonderful weekend at the House of Hearts in Duluth Minnesota. Lots of love to the organizing committee that did an amazing job for the St. Luke’s Hospital.

Thanks to Joel for the photos and video. He ended up on a team with Madeline Dupont. Not to shabby, Mr. Dietz.

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