Monday, June 27, 2011

Sniper Skinz: Custom Brooms

Last year when I acted like a child and busted my broom, I looked into getting a custom broom. Ultimately, the options I found weren't very practical, but cool nonetheless. Then a reader tipped me off to this company called Sniper Skinz as a reasonable, low cost alternative.

Basically, they have templates that let you design your own hockey stick wrap (hence the "sniper" name) but they also come in curling sizes. It's an easy to use site, with a number of different layout options, fonts and colors. I played around and came up with some designs.
I ended up going with the Team Zissou design above. It came fast, but I can't tell you how easy it was to apply. I had the wife put it on for me before I left to the Desert Ice Spiel. She's expertly crafty, so maybe it was easier for her than it would have been for me.

Tip: Don't do the grip texture. While I did like the feel of it, the texture will flake off almost immediately with normal sweeping action, the resulting flakes are not good on curling ice, unless you want to be responsible for that pick on the game winning draw.

If you're not a fan of those layouts, they can do something completely custom for you, but then that will run about the same costs as custom brooms from Goldline. As it stands, $23 for a custom broom skin is a pretty good deal. There are text options on both sides as well as an ID plate to include your name and number. That's more of a hockey feature, but if you're getting matching team brooms that could be handy.

Head on over and play around. When you create that perfect combination use the promo code "Hammer" and you'll get a 10% discount on your purchase. Be sure to send in photos of your creations. Would love to see what you guys come up with. Now's the perfect time to figure it out, and get your brooms ready for the upcoming season.

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