Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Football and Curling!

Last year I said no more football posts, but when football and curling collide, as they're wont to do, I have to share.
It seems my team, the 49ers, just keep getting into curling. In 2009 tight end Vernon Davis gave it a shot and became a bit of an ambassador for the sport, serving as honorary captain of the US team in Vancouver. This year, after Jim Harbaugh signed on as coach, the team had a charity fundraiser and did some outdoor curling. That was enough to get me excited about this season.

Then, the lock-out loomed and we feared there would be no NFL this year, or at best a shortened season. As chance would have it, the judge mediating the two sides is a curler! Once I learned that, was pretty confident he'd get it done. He curls out of St. Paul, so he must have known Tarvaris Jackson was on his way out and was anxious to to see the Vikes back on the field.

Since we've got a season, it's time to bring back the Pick 'em contest! Anyone can sign up, you just have to pick the winners each week against the spread. Simple as that. Maybe I'll even have a prize for the winner. Sign up here, (password is VernonDavis) tell your friends and let's get ready for football and curling to start!

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