Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New for 2011: Goldline

Olson isn't the only curling company introducing new items for this season. Goldline has some streamlined new designs to get you ready for 2011-12. New shoes, gloves and most notably are the new Kalynn women's pants.
Designed by competitive curler Kalynn Park of Alberta, they're a much more modern design. The yoga pant style should be popular among the youths. Let's hope we see more bare midriff curling as well. Not sure what's up with the pocket in the back though. I suppose the vice can keep her coin in there.
I really like these new gloves. They're simple and look warm. The black will fit with anything and hopefully we'll see the same style in different colors. It's an improvement over the busy design of their current gloves.
Goldline continues to simplify with the new Glide shoes. Like the old gloves, the Podium shoe is quite has busy design going on. It's trying to be a sports shoe but still looks like a dress shoe in front. The mash-up just feels like a shoe in between. The new glide looks more streamlined, while still keeping that signature Goldline look, continuing Goldline's evolution. A little color pop in the white could be cool, too.

While Olson kind of dove in to the new and different, Goldline seems to be taking a slower, more evolving approach to updating their looks. Overall, good stuff. Their teams are going to look sharp this year.


  1. the back zip pocket is for the high level curlers that are need to carry a battery pack for the microphone...or so I've been told!

  2. These pants were designed to fit absolutely everyone...the higher waist is designed so no midriff will show, the back pocket can be used for a mic pocket, ipod while training or your coins lip chap etc... :) Awesome pants, I will never go back!!

  3. I talk about the midriff because of the bare belly model. They look high enough to not show anything one wouldn't want to be shown.