Friday, August 26, 2011

What's Your Number?

One of the cooler trends in curling right now is jersey numbers. Being a sports fan, I'm used to seeing numbers on player's backs. It helps to identify them when you're watching from the stands and makes it feel kind of bigger, more grand. Plus, it just looks rad.

So far, at least two high profile squads are sporting numbers this year, the Murdoch and Gushue rinks, as well as USA star Chris Plys.

Team Murdoch shared this via Twitter this morning. 17 is a solid choice. Curious as to the story behind it for Murdoch. Mostly, love the bold font choice. Feels very European.

Also via Twitter, Chris Plys showed off his new Goldline jacket. A nice nod to honorary Olympic captain Vernon Davis.

Curling Scoops had the scoop on the new Team Gushue kits. This one is really unique. First, wondering how the arms are gong to work. I doubt it's a vest-like top, but who knows, maybe it could be baseball jersey style. The large sponsor logo on the back with the name and number on the bottom is curious. Usually these sponsor images are on the front (think soccer jerseys). Then, he's no. 76. That's an interesting choice. Most athletes don't choose the high numbers unless it's a requirement. I wonder about the history behind that number as well.
Anyone else out there sporting numbers for the new season?

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  1. I'm calling #24! Although, maybe curling should go with the trend set by derby girls..should I go with 24 3/4 or 24B...or maybe just π.

    Either way, I'm hoping to convince my ladies team this year to go with numbers and cool jerseys!