Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Trailer: Rockumentary

It's been a busy time for curling movies! Already this fall we've got Kong Curling coming out in Norway, and now we've got something a little closer to home (and in English!).

Glenn Howard's rink from Canada had a camera crew following them around last season and the fruits of that labor will be on display in the Rockumentary. Spoiler alert! I know how it ends.
As an aside, I dig not only the numbers of the Howard jackets, but the nameplates. Reminds me of the Philadelphia Flyers jerseys. It just becomes too busy with the sponsor logos o the back though.

It would be fascinating to compare with a documentary on one of the top American teams. Until that happens, here's to hoping the 8 Ender Boys can get their documentary out into the world.

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