Friday, January 13, 2012

Curling Mania

Long time no blog. November and December kicked my ass and now January is halfway through. Though there hasn't been much action on the website lately, that doesn't mean nothing is going on behind the scenes.
Some posts to look forward to in the future include recaps of the St. Paul Fireball 500 bonspiel, Seattle's Holiday Spiel, some good ol' fashion grass curling (lawn bowling), a how-to make curling shoes post and maybe some book reviews.

Now about the immediate. Friday, January 13th begins a whirlwind curling adventure for the NoHo Curling gang! Battling it out for Club Nationals in Salt Lake city and flying across the pond to curling ground zero: Scotland. Let's break it down.

MoPac Playdowns

Team Bond Girls, Team Zissou, our pals from San Diego, Hollywood Curling and Phoenix are meeting up with the S.L.,UTs in Utah to participate in the Mountain Pacific Playdowns for Club Nationals. Fifteen mens teams! Fifteen! The most of any region, so we get two spots at Club Nats since Alaska is sitting this one out. The ladies have 8 team, also a high, so four teams from our region will be at Club Nationals, that's huge.

Regardless of the outcome, it's great that there are so many participants and a good sign for our region. Going to be fun playing against teams from Utah and Idaho that we haven't meet before. While there are a couple of teams who stand out from the pack, it seems like a very even playing field and lots of good competition.

Don't know if they'll have live scoring, but the Bond Girls are going to be broadcasting on their TESN site. Perhaps I'll step in the booth with @CaStateCurler and we'll call some of the games.

Stay tuned to see if The Bond Girls and four-peat and if Team Zissou can make it the show.

Once everything wraps up on Sunday, the Bond Girls and half of Zissou will be on a jet plane to Scotland!

Glynhill Ladies International

So yeah, the girls got invited to play in this tournament. They'll be going head to head against Olympians and national champions! I could not pass up a chance to see some world class curling and a trip to Scotland so I'm tagging along. Before the curling starts on the 20th, we'll get a good dose of what Scotland has to offer including:
Curling clubs
Curling Stones
David Murdoch
For those who've been, what do we have to check out? We'll land in Edinburgh and spend a couple days, before heading down to Glasgow for the tournament.

I believe the girls are going to try and stream from Scotland as well. If not, be sure to follow all the action on Twitter and Facebook. I also hacked the shit out of my old iPhone, so if it worked, I should be able to update the entire trip.

All that plus the Continental Cup is happening and the 49ers are in the playoffs. Madness!

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  1. Hope to see Team Zissou in Mankato! I'll be playing lead for Team Wisconsin. (Erickson)