Sunday, February 12, 2012


I know what you're thinking. "I love this blog, if only there were a way to take it with me wherever I go!" While you can always pull this website up on your Blackberry, now you can wear it, too! Today we're unveiling a merch section on the website with shirts inspired by the blog. There are a few designs that will be familiar to followers and a couple of new additions.
Our lovely model Pete McCormick showing of his Cockfighting pride.
For now, they are limited edition. So get your grubby paws on them while you can. We are taking orders for the next month and after that, they're going in the vault, just like a Disney movie. Team Zissou is selling them as a fundraiser for our trip to club nationals. A week long curling tournament in Minnesota can get pricey, even more for our lead, the recent college grad. Let's please keep him off the stripper pole.

In honor of the Pro-Bowl tight end of the San Francisco 49ers, and the Team USA honorary captain, we've got the USA 85 shirt for you to rock on the ice or on the field. It comes in road white or home red. Printed USA logo with vinyl name on back and number.
Smart NBA players had a back-up plan if the lock-out canceled the entire season. Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard had two. Cockfight and Curling.
At Club Nationals this year, three of the four MoPac teams will be from California. Rep the Best Coast with this California Curling shirt.
And of course, we've got the Team Zissou curling shirt available in both white and traditional blue. Become a member of the Zissou Curling Society with this shirt. (Speedo and red cap not included).

So click the "Merch" link above, or right click right here and find your favorite. We'll be taking orders until March 11th. At that point the orders will be filled and shipped off. We may be able to handle rush orders at an additional charge. Email with any questions or for rush orders.

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