Sunday, March 4, 2012

Curling on the Internet

America is great for so many reasons, but watching live curling isn't one of them. Luckily, the internet is here to democratize television and the viewing habits of the world.

Up until this year, even our own national championships were something Americans couldn't experience viewing live, unless you were there, watching it. Those days are gone, and this week is a particularly great week to be a curling fan with broadband access.

First and foremost, the Brier has begun and has all the games on VOD. For those uninitiated, the Brier is the Canadian men's national championships. In many ways, it's a much tougher competition than the Worlds or Olympics. There's some great curling to be seen, and apparently, legendary partying for those at the Brier Patch. If you're in Canada, or have a proxy server in the US, they'll stream games live. So long as you stay off Twitter, you should remain pretty surprised. Spoiler Alert: PEI loses.

"But I'm American" you say, "I only want to root for my country!" Well, there's something for you too! The World Curling Federation has teamed up with YouTube to stream games from the World Junior Championships live, from Östersund, Sweden. YouTube is premiere video streaming site and is getting more into live events. This could be great to raise the profile of curling, so take a break from your cat videos and check it out. You can glace the schedule here, and skip straight to the YouTube channel here.

Last, but certainly least, Team Zissou is hijacking the Bond Girls' TESN feed to stream games from the 2012 USCA Club Nationals Championship. Follow along all week as we attempt to not be the PEI of Club Nats and actually win a game.

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