Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vernon Davis Is At It Again

Honorary USA Curling captain Vernon Davis is back promoting curling. This time, on the revamped Arsenio Hall show, complete with a Hollywood Curling stone.

Sure he gets some of the details wrong, but he's just an enthusiast, not a journalist. How about Esquire saying" In curling, the sweeping is to melt the ice, which controls the speed. The stones are made of granite and weigh just shy of 45 lbs." Or how about Bleacher Report copying and pasting from a 2010 preview:
There are some powerful personalities on the women’s side including Annette Norberg, captain of the two-time defending Swedish team. That same team won the gold in 2006 so they have become the ones to watch out for. Canada’s Cheryl Bernard hopes to have something say about that as the chief challenger to Sweden for the gold.
This year, the USA women will be led by 47-year-old Erika Brown who captains a team of veterans all of whom have appeared in at least one Olympics. 
For the record, Erika Brown is NOT 47 years old. She was 15 when she competed in Calgary in 1988.

Like Team USA? A 49er fan? Maybe you might be interested in one of these bad boys.

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  1. I'm also in denial about the absence of Norberg, so I can understand that one.