Team Bond Girls

The Bond Girls, a.k.a Team Messier, are the top women's team at Hollywood Curling! They're three-time MoPac Club champs and their signature pink kilts and bubbly personalities have made them plenty of friends across the country.

They started curling together in 2008 when Jen was tired of playing with her husband, and wanted to play with an all women team. Luckily, she found a great group of willing accomplices and have stayed in tact, getting better ever since. Playing front end with her pal Donna, recruiting Marissa for skip and resident Canadian ringer Cindy to balance out the squad. Of course, no Hollywood team is complete without a catchy name and some sweet duds. They chose pink and black for the uni kits, and the Cinsational Cindy got everyone into pink plaid kilts.

2012 saw the girls take their game to a new level by participating in Glynhill Ladies International tournament in Glasgow, Scotland! They played against some of the top European teams, including national champions and Olympians as the sole representative of North America.

It's tough for a team from California, who play mainly on hockey ice, to compete with some of the big guns from the Mid-West and East Coast, but they never give up. Whether it's a "pork chop" or a "crotch and squirt", the girls are getting better every day! This year, they finished in sixth place with one of their wins coming against to eventual winners from New Jersey.

Check out their website for more about the team. You can also follow them on Twitter, read about their adventures on the blog, or become fans on Facebook. Really, you don't have any excuse not to be fans of these ladies.