Team Zissou

Part of Hollywood Curling's charm is having fun team names. Since most of the initial members had never curled before, let alone be accustomed to curling traditions, the idea of naming rinks after the skips seemed very odd to everyone. It's Hollywood and all, entertainment themed names would be mandatory.

Our first season, my team's name was the Burt Reynolds All-Stars, and we came in with fake mustaches. Our skip was Fraggle Rock, other teams were 30 Rock (making them into curling puns, always a favorite) and Kobra Kai.

So, when Jen ditched me to form the Bond Girls, Paul and I teamed up. Our shared love for Wes Anderson and the built in uniform of the Belafonte crew made it easy to become Team Zissou. We bought a shirt online and topped it off with a red beanie. Perfect.

After playing withe some awesome teammates in club play, we ended up with Ryan and Timmy as our competitive team. Our jaguar shark has been Club Nationals, eluding us the last couple of years. The girls have gone the last three years and left us in the cold (or heat as it were, Utica, Madison and Mankato in Februrary aren't exactly known for the friendly weather). 2012 we finally qualified, coming out of a dense MoPac playdown of 15 teams! That gave our region two slots, and we became co-champs with the S.L.UTs (aka the Taggart Rink) from Utah. Mankato 2012 is gonna be a gooder!
It's hard to tell how good we can really be playing on such crappy ice with no practice time. But playing as a team is important, we're really getting that chemistry down. But we've finally won a spiel and been banned from another! So, we've pretty much reached our pinnacle.

If you're unfamiliar with the film, check out the trailer below. It's one of those films you either love or hate. Just like our team, apparently.